Service secrets from independent service providers (part 2)

We can learn a lot about customer service from independent service providers. Whether they are small business owners, freelance contractors, or a department of one within a company, these people make their living off the service they provide. This posting is parttwo of a three part series where we’ll take a closer look at some successful examples to learn how service can make a difference when you are on your own. Read part 1 here.

Claudia Bolognesi, INVENTIVA Design

Like many people, the creative side of marketing makes me nervous. Despite my marketing degree, I have a hard time grasping what makes a good design a good design. I also know you can pay a premium for ignorance, typically in the form of high fees, lost opportunities, or both.

Claudia Bolognesi, owner of INVENTIVA Design, can take a lot of that pressure off a small business owner's shoulders. INVENTIVA Design is a professional creative firm specializing in Website Design, Graphic Design and E-Marketing Communication located in San Diego, California. Large creative firms cost way too much for a small budget while the myriad of self-service options won't deliver good results. Claudia fills that middle ground nicely by delivering outstanding quality at reasonable rates.

Easy to do business with

In an article written in December for my ezine, Service Sense, I asked "Are you easy to do business with?" Claudia fits the description on all counts. She listens carefully, responds promptly, and manages client expectations. Most importantly, Claudia focuses on achieving her clients' objectives for each project.

"Bottom line goal is to go the extra mile to make sure that you're yet another one of INVENTIVA Design's happy customers! Our work is founded on honest and open communication, responsiveness, and respect. We truly value each individual client and work to achieve their objectives, not our own."

Personalized service

Personalized service is a major benefit of working with an independent service provider or a dedicated representative in a larger company. They know your name, your preferences, and understand your business. This in turn makes doing business together much more efficient. Claudia definitely uses her company's size to her advantage.

"By being a small company we are able to establish close working relationships with our customers, providing outstanding and personal service."

Great results

The mark of any good company is the ability to deliver great results. Claudia has always come through for me in this department. Her designs are clean, yet impactful. Best of all, they look much more expensive than they really are. Claudia summarizes her approach as designing marketing materials that are "concise and functional, yet enticing to the consumer".

Want more information?

You can contact Claudia at 619-849-8700, via email at info@inventivadesign, or on the web at