The Top Five Inside Customer Service Posts of 2015

The end of the year is a great time for retrospectives.

This post revisits the top five Inside Customer Service blog posts of 2015. One might say this is a nice way to remind readers about some of the year's most popular content. Another possibility is I'm too lazy to write a real blog post while I'm on a holiday vacation.

I'll leave it up to you to decide which one is true. Either way, I hope you enjoy.

5. Three Customer Service Perspectives We Naturally Miss

This post started with a bandaid stuck to a smoke detector. It seemed so random to me, but many readers instantly knew why it was there. Aside from being gross, the bandaid highlighted how we sometimes miss things that are obvious to others. [Read the post...]


4. How to Prepare Your Team for Customer Service Training

There's a staggering amount of time and money wasted on training. One of the major culprits is a lack of proper preparation. This post provides step-by-step instructions for preparing your team. [Read the post...]


3. 51 Resources for Learning About Customer Service

I had fun writing this one! It's a catch-all blog post that rounds up an extensive list of customer service books, blogs, training videos, and more. It's amazing how much is out there. [Read the post...]


2. Five Reasons Why Managers Don't Empower Employees

Employee empowerment is often the key to outstanding customer service. This post explored five reasons why it often doesn't happen. One of the surprising reasons was that some employees are empowered, but just don't realize it. [Read the post...]


1. Get Ready to Respond to Customer Email Within One Hour

This post revealed the results of my latest email response time survey and suggested a new standard for businesses to follow. Not everyone was happy about it. [Read the post...]


Honorable mention: 5 Reasons Why Angry Customers Don't Complain

This post was written in 2013, but it was still the most read post on my blog in 2015. It must have somehow struck a chord with readers, so it deserves an honorable mention here. [Read the post...]


Happy New Year!