How to Use Customer Service Surveys to Improve Service

I've decided to take a two week vacation from blogging, social media, and writing. You may not be taking a break at the same time, so I'm running a few best-of posts while I'm away. Look for a brand new post from me on September 13 when I return to my normal writing schedule.

One of my focus areas is helping clients implement a voice of the customer program, or improve one they already have. This often involves surveys.

Here's a collection of blog posts to help you explore the topic.

  1. Before you implement a survey, check out these alternatives.
  2. Keep your survey simple. This three question survey works great!
  3. Use this guide to choose the right type of survey.
  4. Obsess about improving service, not scores, or bad things will happen
  5. Dig into your data to generate actionable insights to help improve service.

You can also check out this survey resource page for even more help.