My Favorite Blog Posts on Subtle Service Challenges

I've decided to take a two week vacation from blogging, social media, and writing. You may not be taking a break at the same time, so I'm running a few best-of posts while I'm away. Look for a brand new post from me on September 13 when I return to my normal writing schedule.

If you regularly read this blog, you know I'm obsessed with finding hidden, counterintuitive, or unusual obstacles that get in the way of outstanding service.

Heck, I wrote an entire book on that topic.

So, I've decided to mine some of my old posts and share five of my favorites here with you. Take a look and see if your employees are facing any of these challenges!

  1. How could they miss that?!
  2. One thing that makes multitasking five times more dangerous
  3. Why your customers often see what you don't
  4. How detoxing our brains can improve customer service
  5. Could your morning coffee lead to poor customer service?