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Five More Obstacles to Outstanding Customer Service

There are many obstacles on the path to outstanding customer service. 

Demanding customers, poor products, broken processes, and even our own limitations can get in the way. And, research is uncovering new obstacles all the time.

The good news is you can do something about these challenges. You just need to be aware of them!

Tune into this interactive webinar to learn about five more obstacles that can get in our way.

  • How too much feedback can hurt performance
  • A stimulating morning habit that actually brings us down
  • An instinctive response that's all wrong for angry customers
  • Why employees and bosses struggle with empowerment
  • A common problem that causes employees to stop trying

Win a Copy of Service Failure

A signed copy of Jeff Toister’s book, Service Failure, will be raffled off at the end of the webinar. You are automatically entered to win when you register, though you must be logged in to the webinar when the raffle winner is announced to be eligible.