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Improve Your Agent’s Performance in 983 Simple Steps


It’s absurd to expect anyone to follow a 983-step process, but that’s exactly how it feels for many customers. We operate in an already complex world, yet many contact centers are compounding the issue with multiple agent desktops, complicated processes, and disconnected systems and tools.  This is a problem, as ICMI’s research found that contact center leaders unanimously agree the agent experience has a direct impact on the customer experience. With so many organizations looking to use the customer experience to differentiate themselves, they must first look to improving their agent performance.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  1. Tips for getting your contact center agents obsessed with service
  2. Best practices for implementing the people, processes, and technologies that align with your desired customer experience
  3. The steps one company has taken to improve agent performance by simplifying their desktop experience

Join us for this interactive and informative hour—complete with audience polls, case studies, best practices and live Q&A.