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Webinar: How to Train Faster and Better with Microlearning

Webinar Co-Presented with Lessonly

Contact centers constantly face pressure to make agent training faster, cheaper, and better. One way to achieve this is through microlearning, where agents learn new information or review content in small chunks at a time. 

Join customer service training expert Jeff Toister to learn how to train agents faster, reduce costs, and deliver better results with microlearning. Best of all, with microlearning you don't need to take agents out of the queue for training, so it is far less disruptive to your operation!

You'll also hear from Bryan Naas, Director of Sales Enablement at Lessonly, who will show you how to effectively create microlearning content.

Participants will gain the following:

  • Discover how to use microlearning to rapidly train and reinforce new concepts.

  • Identify ways to deploy microlearning with your existing technology and budget.

  • Explore a proven model to quickly create new lessons.