Employee Development Worksheet

You can create a simple individual development plan, or IDP, with this easy-to-use Employee Development Worksheet.

This tool can help you quickly identify an employee's developmental needs, create an action plan to help him or her acquire new skills, and save time and money by focusing development efforts on what the employee truly needs.


An Human Resources coordinator was asked to assume some additional recruiting responsibilities, so her boss thought it would be a good idea to send her to a one day Recruiting Skills class offered by the local college. 

We completed the employee development worksheet together and found that the HR coordinator already had many of the skills she would learn in the class, but she was missing some company-specific knowledge such as their list of standard interview questions. Rather than sending her to a class, the HR coordinator received on-the-job training by working with the company's existing recruiter to fill a few open positions. This was a lot faster, less expensive, and more effective than sending her to a class!

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