Customer Service Training Videos

Toister Performance Solutions offers customer service training videos via, a massive online library of video-based training programs. 

You'll need a subscription, but a 30-day free trial is available. LinkedIn Premium subscribers can also access the videos through LinkedIn Learning.

Customer Service Fundamentals

This course covers the core skills employees need to deliver outstanding customer service:

  • Building winning relationships with customers
  • Exceeding customer expectations
  • Handling angry or upset customers

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Customer Service over the Phone

Develop the specific skills needed to help customers over the phone. Learn how to quickly break the ice, solve problems, and stay focused throughout the day. 

  • Build rapport with callers
  • Develop phone-specific listening skills
  • De-escalate angry customers

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Working with Upset Customers

Get proven techniques for neutralizing angry customer behavior as well as preventing it from occurring in the first place.

  • Listening with empathy
  • Helping the customer be right
  • Preserving the relationship
  • Learning from angry customers
  • Passing along complaints
  • Replacing trigger words

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Serving Internal Customers

Learn skills and techniques for providing outstanding internal customer service to colleagues within your organization. 

  • Creating positive workplace relationships
  • Becoming a "go-to" employee
  • Working with difficult coworkers

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How to Manage Customer Expectations for Frontline Employees

Discover proven techniques for managing expectations so customers can avoid unpleasant surprises.

  • Identify situations where expectations can be managed.
  • Avoid situations where unreasonable expectations might develop.
  • Choose the right language to educate customers and explain potential areas of confusion.

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The Manager's Guide to Managing Customer Expectations

Learn to identify what a typical customer expects, where those expectations come from, and where your organization might be vulnerable.

  • Conduct a marketing and communications audit
  • Use data to identify areas where expectations aren't met
  • Reinforce appropriate expectations with customers

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Managing a Customer Service Team

Learn the secrets of managing a high-performance customer service team.

  • Define outstanding service through service standards and team goals
  • Evaluate your service quality
  • Identify obstacles that can cause service failures
  • Optimize your channels for faster, chapter, and better service
  • Develop a convincing business case for investing in customer service

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Innovative Customer Service Techniques

This course delivers new and cutting-edge research that can be used to take customer service to new levels.

  • Influence customer perceptions
  • Enhance your service senses
  • Build teamwork

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Quick Fixes for Poor Customer Service

In this short course, Jeff Toister provides step-by-step instructions for solving many common customer service problems.

  • Fix chronic complaints
  • Improve slow service
  • Impact key metrics like first contact resolution

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Leading a Customer-centric Culture

This course is a short overview of the three steps required to build a customer-focused culture. It's based on the program, The Journey to a Customer-focused Culture.

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Using Customer Surveys to Improve Service

Get step-by-step guidance on implementing effective surveys. Get tips on increasing response rates, writing effective questions, and turning the data into actions that can improve service quality.

  • Designing surveys
  • Writing survey questions
  • Analyzing survey data

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How to Serve Customers Using Social Media

Learn how to create a winning customer service strategy for social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, and TripAdvisor.

  • Develop communication guidelines for your reps.
  • Determine what social media platforms and review sites your customers frequent.
  • Learn how you can engage your fans, respond to complaints, and offer proactive service.
  • Understand the value of online self-help options (from FAQs to online tutorials) and how to make them easy for your customers to use.

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How to Design and Deliver Training Programs

Design and deliver training programs that engage learners and help them quickly develop new skills. Topics include:

  • Identifying employee training needs
  • Creating an individual development plan
  • Developing learning objectives
  • Preparing employees for training
  • Evaluating a training program
  • Presenting with confidence and clarity
  • Facilitating discussions and learning
  • Managing breaks effectively
  • Delivering training via webinar

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