Onsite Customer Service Training

These programs are designed for customer service leaders.

Video is a far more effective way to train frontline employees. Yet customer service leaders need special skills to make sure that any training sticks. They must:

  • Set a clear vision
  • Engage employees
  • Eliminate obstacles to outstanding service

Jeff Toister will lead an interactive workshop with your customer service leaders. This onsite training offers a number of unique advantages:

  • Customized. The program is tailored to focus on your organization's unique needs.
  • Immersive. Learn through experiential activities and engaging discussions.
  • Strategic. Walk away with a strategy to get your employees obsessed with service.



  • Full day workshop
  • Half-day “overview” session
  • Customized session length



Here are some testimonials from people who participated in onsite training:

  • This is the most entertaining and enjoyable training I have ever attended.
  • When I arrived, this department was segregated and unfriendly. Now we work together better.
  • The best part of the class was the interaction, examples, and in-class exercises.
  • Excellent customer service scarce in this world and it is nice to have a trainer who can give the knowledge that we need to pass this information on to others.
  • The trainer was AWESOME! Very knowledgeable and fun. Great job. Never boring.



Customer service leaders

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Additional Formats

The following customer service training formats are also offered: