Time Tracker Worksheet

This handy spreadsheet makes it easy to track where you spend your time each day for a week. The results can be very illuminating. Are you really spending your time on high-priority activities? Or, are there "time sinks" that you were not aware of?

Click the link below to download the spreadsheet. Follow these simple steps to set it up:

  1. Type in your hours worked for each day.  (Ex: 8 - 5 = 9 hours)
  2. Type in any break time.  (Ex: 1 hour for lunch)
  3. The spreadsheet will calculate your total time for the day.
  4. Type in your major work activities.
  5. Track the time spent on each activity in increments of .25 of an hour.  (Use .25 rather than 15 minutes to ensure the formulas calculate correctly.)

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Download the Worksheet:

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