What people are saying on Twitter about sexual harassment training

I was doing some research for our sexual harassment awareness training program and came across quite a few tweets on the subject that made me laugh. Many employees are required by law or their company policies to attend sexual harassment prevention training, but it's often the most dreaded workshop. The two hour requirement for many of us in California can seem excruciating if the facilitator is too serious or dry, and many participants struggle to make the connection between the their daily work lives and content laden with court case history.

First disclaimer: I promise our workshop is surprising fun and informative. It's nice working in a situation where the bar is set so low. Second disclaimer: Warning, PG-13 content, so if you are under 13 and reading my blog, go ask your parents first!

@themomsmith: Notified that I need to complete Sexual Harassment Training. As if I don't already know how to do it.

@unmodisch: OOOH! My birthday present from work is a mandatory 1-hour online sexual harassment training course. I wonder what the new techniques are!

@LondonLSinbrac: Sexual harassment training sux

@whereismyrobot: Birthday party / Sexual Harassment training at work=awesome.

@fdmts: Dag: I guess we need to offer sexual harassment training for emloyees. Me: I feel like a competent harasser. Dag: I could do better.

@gauthierkelli: just got a reminder e-mail about the “mandatory sexual harassment training.” are we not doing it right?

@KrissyPaul: is trying to stay awake in Diversity/Sexual Harassment training.

@fitbeth: Sexual harassment training this morning. Last chance to be harassed before my file says I know better!

@imanihope: Sexual Harassment training at 1pm today better grab as many asses as I can while I can still claim innocence.

@HDJHDJ: things i learned at sensitivity training: using my favorite word is sexual harassment, and playing the girl card always works. AWESOME.

@justpaulg: I have just completed my sexual harassment training. Now I'm off the hook for two more years. Damn thre were a couple hot chicks there

So, what's the point? If it's funny, and it's relevant to what you do, it's often worth sharing. I also know our own workshop is pretty effective at eliminating this type of attitude once participants attend, have a good time, and realize they've actually learned something interesting. You can read more here if you have a need.