For Elite Service Pros Only: The Thank You Letter Challenge

Customer service professionals often ask me about advanced skills.

"I know the basics," they'll say. "But how can I learn some elite techniques for providing outstanding customer service?"

Some tell me they want to develop jedi mind tricks for helping upset customers feel better. Others are searching for a magic way to deliver memorable WOW moments that become the stuff of legends.

OK. I hear you!

Introducing the Thank You Letter Challenge. My bold prediction: only elite customer service professionals will complete it. 

Are you ready to join their company? If so, read on to see how it works and get signed up.

The Power of Visualization

Do you ever wonder how elite athletes prepare for the big game?

Yes, they spend a lot of time practicing, training, and working out. Elite athletes also visualize themselves succeeding.

A baseball player can't stop and consider his options in the middle of a crucial play with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning. He has to already know what he will do in any likely situation and believe he will succeed.

Visualization can help that baseball player react instantly in the moment because he's already though through how he will perform.

The same technique works in customer service.

You can visualize yourself helping an upset customer, delivering a spectacular WOW to someone, or accomplishing another challenging feat before it happens to give yourself a better chance of reacting the right way when the real moment arrives.


Visualizing The Thank You Note Challenge

Here's how this challenge works:

  1. Sign-up for the challenge using the form below.
  2. You'll be prompted to write a thank you letter that you'd hope to receive from a customer.
  3. For the next 21 days, you'll receive a daily reminder email asking you to read your letter.

What's the goal?

The whole point of the Thank You Letter Challenge is to receive a real version of the letter you write to yourself.

Here's what happened when I did this exercise. First, my letter:

Dear Jeff,

Thank you for being our trusted partner. Your commitment to helping us achieve our goals is the reason you are the first and only phone call when we need help improving customer service.

Thank you! A. Client

A couple of weeks after I wrote the letter, I asked a client to write a testimonial that I could post on my website. I didn't tell her I was doing this exercise. Look at what she wrote:

If I had to choose only one outside company to help with some training initiatives this year, that would be Toister Performance Solutions; Jeff is reliable, dependable, and flexible to incorporate the organizational culture in whatever he presents.

Crazy, right?

I visualized myself being a trusted partner to my clients. That visualization helped me act that way. And acting that way led to my client writing a real testimonial that was remarkably similar to the one I visualized.


Start the Challenge

You can use the form below to start the challenge. For my readers who subscribe via email, you can use this link to access the form if it doesn't appear in this post.

Name *

I'll start by sending you some tips on how to write your letter. Make sure you do that right away! (It took me 1 minute to write mine.)

Next, I'll send you a daily reminder email for 21 days. Each email will contain tips to help you get the most out of this exercise.

Finally, I'll ask you to send me an update at the end of the challenge to let me know what feedback you received.