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Free Customer Service Training

The Customer Service Tip of the Week is a totally free customer service training program. The weekly email creates lasting behavior change by delivering regular, ongoing microlearning. You can use these tips to learn, retain, and sustain one skill at a time.

Here are some suggestions to help both you and your team:

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How to Share the Weekly Tips

One of the things I like best the Customer Service Tip of the Week email is the direct connection with subscribers. I asked subscribers to tell me how they share the weekly tips with their teams. Here are a few of the responses I received.

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Five Ways Weekly Tips Can Boost Your Team

The Customer Service Tip of the Week is more than just a weekly email. It’s a source of meeting topics, training suggestions, and coaching tips. Here are five proven ways you can use the tips to boost your team.

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Why We Need Customer Service Reminders

The Customer Service Tip of the Week often reminds you about techniques you already know. Explore the learning science behind regular, ongoing reminders. Discover how reminders make it more likely to use our skills.

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How often do you talk about customer service?

Companies are constantly searching for new and interesting ways to improve customer service. Here’s a simple one that has flown under the radar: talk about customer service more often.

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Six Ways to Supercharge Your Customer Service Training

Many managers report a temporary bump when employees attend training. They do better for a week or so, and then fall back into old habits. Here are six tips to help you get more results and sustained success.

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