Challenge: What would you do?

There are a million ways under the sun to improve performance. To mix it up and have a little fun, I'd like to know what you would do!

Please read the scenario below and post a comment describing how you would improve employee performance in this situation. I'll be collecting responses through next Tuesday, September 8. Next week, I'll reveal my solution and share with you what happened. 

Performance Improvement Scenario

A small office controlled access to their suite through an intercom system.  The Office Manager was responsible for using the intercom to screen visitors.  She would ask visitors for their name and who they wanted to see before letting them into the office.

However, a problem was occurring when the Office Manager was at lunch or had the day off.  Other members of the office staff were not following proper security procedures when greeting visitors. Everyone seemed to understand the general need for security, but other employees often forgot to ask visitors to identify themselves or the name of the person they were visiting.

What would you do?

Post your comment below to describe how you would ensure employees in the office followed the proper security procedures when covering for the Office Manager. I'm curious to learn how many creative (and effective) ideas are out there!