Laptop hostage crisis resolved, suspects still at large

On March 4 I sent my new Lenovo laptop computer back to the manufacturer for a warranty repair.

What followed was a grueling test of patience as Lenovo took my computer hostage for nearly a month. There was no ransom request. They never warned me not to go to the police or my computer would “get it”. They just stalled and stalled. I even developed a mild case of Stockholm Syndrome for the friendly, yet un-empowered customer service agents who took my 10+ phone calls.

My computer was finally returned unharmed and in good working condition on March 28, but I still would like to see the executives responsible brought to social media justice.

The backstory
I bought the Lenovo laptop in December to use as my primary work computer. In February, it developed a problem where the display would suddenly crash. I made several attempts to fix it but the problem only got worse so I finally called tech support.

The only option I was given to repair the computer under warranty was to ship it to Lenovo’s Memphis repair depot. Once there, Lenovo sent me an email stating that the part required to fix my computer was backordered. No expected repair date was given, so I called. And called. And called. I made at least 10 phone calls to get an update on the status of the repair or try to get an alternative option such as a replacement computer.

Every representative I spoke with was polite, friendly, and professional. It was also clear they had very little information to work with. I kept getting a version of the same answer, “We’re looking into it, but we don’t know when your part will be in.” And, “There are no other options.”

Unresolved problems
My primary problem has been resolved. My computer is now back in my hands and appears to be working fine.

However, Lenovo never addressed any of the other problems this situation created.

  • The disappointment of having a new purchase fail to work properly.
  • The loss of time and productivity due to my attempts to fix the problem.
  • The loss of time and productivity from being without my computer from March 4 to March 28.
  • The loss of time and productivity from making at least 10 calls to try to resolve the problem or at least get a status updated.
  • The frustration of having to deal with this whole mess!

If Lenovo keeps any records on customer service, I’d wager they’d check this one off as “resolved”. I definitely beg to differ as I take Lenovo off my company's “approved vendor” list.