Turn 'em loose, like rappin' the GAAP!

Customer service scripts, rules, and regulations are often designed to maintain consistency but often result in frustrated customers and a lack of genuine warmth. I'd much rather companies lay down the standards or guidelines and then give their employees permission to be themselves and respond to the customer as long as they stay within the guidelines.

Many of you have heard of the Southwest Airlines rapping flight attendant.  This is a great example of letting employees be themselves as long as they adhere to the standards.  He hits all the FAA requirements, but he uses his personality to make it memorable.

He was such as hit that Southwest actually had him deliver some required legalese at a recent shareholder's meeting. Check it out below.  If instructions on fastening a seatbelt and Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP) can be made more exciting, just imagine what ditching the script can do for something your customer actually cares about!

Rappin' the GAAP

Pre-flight Announcements - CNN Story