I found the 4th level of "ID10T" hell

I heard back from my new "friend" at Adobe via email today. His message revealed the 4th level of "ID10T" hell.  To re-cap, here are the first three:

  1. Brush off my inquiry with a non-answer so I have to inquire again.
  2. Try to prove the problem is a user-error, essentially an "ID10T" problem.
  3. Promise to respond, but don't, so the customer has to send a second inquiry.

The fourth level of "ID10T" hell:

Respond to the customer's second message and ask for the customer's login and password. What?! That's right, my "buddy" Deepak at Adobe has informed me that he needs my account login and password to resolve my problem.

I'm surprised nobody threw me a party yesterday to celebrate my birthday. After all, according to Deepak, I was born yesterday!! Is this an ID10T Squared issue?

Seriously, does anyone know anyone at Adobe not named Deepak that can help me with Connect Pro?