Local Petco hires hoard of zombies

I visited my local Petco today to pick up some food for my dog, Melrose. Much to my horror, I discovered they had replaced their regular employees with a hoard of zombies.

It was a truly terrifying experience. There must have been five or six of them in the store. I could tell they were zombies by their dull expressions, lazy demeanor, and incessant zombie-grunting. They were huddled around a cash register, engaged in idle conversation. I asked the group if someone could ring up my purchase and one of them looked up, grunted, and shuffled over to another register. Apparently, that was my cue to approach.

I said "Hello" to the cashier and she just grunted again and then turned to her co-worker to continue her zombie conversation while she rang me up. At the end of the transaction, she grunted again and then said, "Have a nice day." After all that grunting and distinct lack of eye contact, her empty pleasantry actually made me laugh.

What was happening? It looked like they were a special work crew that had been brought in to rearrange the store's merchandise. The employees had different uniforms on and were all moving shelves and displays. This may have been necessary work, but it shouldn't have been done at the expense of customer service. And, it was no excuse for acting like zombies!