My new favorite song: United Breaks Guitars

We've all experienced customer service so bad that its left us feeling outraged and powerless. In the 1990s I was a frequent flyer on United Airlines, but by the end of the decade they had treated me so poorly so many times I vowed never to given United Airlines any of my money ever again. The worst experience was when I tried to return home after a three week trip and my flight was cancelled due to a work slowdown initiated by United employees. I didn't receive so much as an apology.

That's why I love Dave Carroll's song and You Tube video, "United Breaks Guitars". It tells the story of how he witnessed United baggage handlers tossing his guitar around on the ramp, and United's subsequent refusal to take responsibility for the damage. Millions of people have now seen the video, so my guess is Carroll has more than made up for that initial feeling of powerlessness.

Watch the video below or read Carroll's story here.