We guarantee a 500% ROI on our supervisor training program

Toister Performance Solutions is guaranteeing a 500% Return on Investment (ROI) to participants who attend one of our Getting Started as a Supervisor public workshops this September. And yes, there is a catch, but aren’t you curious enough to learn how you can earn a 500% return with no risk?


The Deal…

Attend one of our Getting Started as a Supervisor public workshops this September and apply the skills you learn in the class back on the job. If you do not realize a minimum 500% return on investment in this training by September 1, 2010, we will refund the entire fee for this workshop. 


The Catch…

This guarantee only applies to participants who actively attempt to apply the skills learned in the training class. No refund for you if you attend the training and then do nothing differently when you get back to work!



The Process

We ask you to complete five simple steps to participate in the 500% ROI guarantee.


1. Identify the financial impact of your leadership. Quantify how much you mean to your organization in terms of dollars and cents. You can use your budget, productivity figures, or any other financial metric that’s available to you. Don’t forget to include all your employees in this calculation since your employer pays you to get them to produce meaningful work. (Let’s face it, if you don’t know what value you add to your organization, it’s tough to understand why your employer pays you.)


2. Set a financial impact goal for the workshop that meets the SMART criteria. The goal should represent at minimum a 500% ROI on the workshop fee. (Click here for our SMART goal primer.) If you are  bit rusty, you can calculate a 500% ROI target by multiplying the workshop fee times 5, then adding the workshop fee to the result.  (Example: ($695*5)+$695 = $4,170.) Contact Jeff Toister if you need assistance with setting a goal.


3. Attend Getting Started as a Supervisor. We offer three public workshops in September. Note: you’ll be asked to share your SMART goal at the workshop, so be sure you’ve worked it out ahead of time! Click here to register.


4. Apply the Getting Started as a Supervisor skills back on the job. The class is great, but you won’t realize any benefits until you actively apply the knowledge and skills you learned back on the job.


5. Measure your progress toward your SMART goal. We ask that you send us an update on your progress at least once every three months. This will help you stay on target and also give us a chance to offer additional advice and suggestions along the way. (We’d much rather you succeed than pay you a refund because the class wasn’t worthwhile!!)