Fun with word clouds

Communicating in writing seems so much more efficient that taking the time to draw up visuals, but our audience typically doesn’t feel the same way.  As a trainer, a consultant, and as a leader, I’m constantly encountering situations where a visual can make the point far better than written or verbal words ever could. The challenge is creating a good visual is often difficult.

Enter word clouds. Oh, where have you been my whole life?

Here's an example (please forgive the self-indulgence):
Let’s say you are a prospective client and I wanted to share with you a little bit about what my existing clients think about my service. 

Paragraph Form
Toister Performance Solutions has many happy clients.  The top three reasons they continue to hire us are our great results, personable service, and expert skills.  Clients also say they appreciate the value we provide, our on-time delivery, our high integrity, and our creative approach. 

Better Organized Paragraph
Here are the top reasons our clients continue to hire us:

  1. Great results
  2. Personal service
  3. Expert skills
  4. Good value
  5. On-time delivery
  6. High integrity
  7. Creative approach

Word Cloud Visual

Reaons why clients hire Toister Performance Solutions


There are many great (and free) websites that allow you to quickly create your own word clouds. The word cloud above was generated by Wordle.