What to do if your copy of "Service Failure" is a service failure

A limited number of copies of my new book, Service Failure, were shipped out this week, well in advance of the planned November 1 launch date. Unfortunately, some of the books in the initial run had a problem with the binding that causes some of the pages to fall out. The problem has been corrected, but a few people who pre-ordered the book may receive a copy within the next few days that has this binding issue.

I assure you this is not a guerilla marketing stunt!

Embarassingly, my parents first noticed the pages falling out. I was tempted to accuse them of being overzealous in exploring my new book, but then remembered the iceberg theory and went looking for more examples of the same problem. Sure enough, other books had the same issue.

Fortunately, it will be very easy to get a replacement book if you do receiving one with a binding problem. 

  1. Call 800-250-5308 and speak with someone in customer service at AMACOM, the book's publisher.
  2. You'll be asked a few questions such as your name, address, and where you bought the book.
  3. A replacement copy will be shipped out to you.

I've also been assured that the binding problem has been corrected, new books are being printed, and we're on track for a release around the original November 1 date. You can still pre-order your copy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell's Books, or visit the Service Failure website to learn more about the book.