A little more (PG-rated) bathroom humor

Awhile back, I posted a small collection of signs found in or near restrooms. They were all good for a laugh, but also served as a reminder that we need to see things through our customers eyes. (See: "A little bathroom humor"). 

My friend Dawn emailed me a photo a few months ago for my "next blog post" on bathroom signs. I guess this means it's a series. Well, Dawn, I finally have enough photos to share. A few of the establishments were even in on the fun this time around.

This is the sign that Dawn sent. I'm sure it settled many arguments.


This was on the inside of the mens room door at a Salt Creek Steakhouse. 


Sounds like the coolest restroom ever!


This is sage advice at the Tilted Kilt. (I understand something similar is in the ladies room.)