Communicate Better Blog Coffee & Customer Service Hangout

Image source:  Flickr / Pete Simon

Image source: Flickr / Pete Simon

Last Friday, I participated in a fun “Coffee & Customer Service” Google Hangout with Jeremy Watkin and Jenny Dempsey from the Communicate Better Blog. It was a fun and informal video chat where we discussed my book, Service Failure, and took a few questions from their blog readers. 

The Hangout was originally posted on the Communicate Better Blog. The Hangout is also embedded below.

Additional Resources

Below are some additional resources that correspond to some of the topics we covered.

Yes, I like wine. We talked a little bit about wine. The book I mentioned is Judgment of Paris, the true story of a 1976 wine tasting where French judges picked two Napa Valley wines ahead of some of the best wines from France. Many people might be more familiar with the 2009 movie Bottle Shock, although the Hollywood version is a little fictionalized. Finally, my wife and I really do have a wine blog called Share the Bottle.


Why do organizations still struggle in consistently delivering better service? (asked by Flavio Martins)

One reason – only 62 percent of companies have created a clear definition of outstanding customer service.


What are some best practices for aligning people from the top level to the front lines around a customer service mission? (asked by  Flavio Martins)

A great starting point is my customer service alignment assessment.


Curious as to how companies that utilize franchising model can ensure consistent and quality customer service. (asked by Kemetia Foley)

I immediately thought of Time to Make the Donuts, a terrific book written by William Rosenberg, the founder of Dunkin Donuts.


Jenny Dempsey is very committed to customer service. 

During the webinar, we talked about the concept of an attitude anchor that can help you stay in a good mood or fix your mood when you find yourself in a bad one.

During our conversation, Jess Pierson made this suggestion on Twitter:

There were a few Tweets back and forth joking about the concept until Monday morning, when Jenny Dempsey shared this:

Now, that’s commitment!