How do Adults Learn? Find out on

Many of us train in some capacity.

You might consider yourself a trainer. Or, perhaps you're a leader who trains employees one-on-one. You may even be asked to help out an inexperienced co-worker.

Whatever the situation, it helps to know how adults learn new knowledge, skills, and abilities.

My new course on will provide you with the foundational knowledge you need to take your training to the next level. It's primarily intended for instructional designers, but anyone who does training can benefit.

Topics include:

  • Adult learning theory
  • Understanding the four stages of learning
  • Comparing active vs. passive learning
  • Overcoming learning barriers
  • Turning theory into practice

In the sample video below, you'll see how two courses on the same topic can be vastly different. (Click here if you don't see the video.)

You’ll need a subscription to view the entire course. The good news is your subscription gives you unlimited access to all of their courses. 

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