New Discoveries: Crack the Customer Code Podcast

I have a confession to make.

My friend Adam Toporek recently asked me to be a guest on the Crack the Customer Code podcast that he co-hosts with Jeannie Walters. I was honored to be a guest so of course I said yes. 

Here’s my confession: I had never even listened to a podcast!

Podcasts didn’t seem like they were up my alley. I couldn’t imagine sitting at my desk and just listening to something.

I didn’t want to be a podcast neophyte when I recorded my session with Toporek and Walters, so I downloaded a few of their previous episodes. I queued them up on my phone and listened to them one day while I had some driving to do.

Three things immediately struck me:

  1. Their podcast is awesome! It's crisp, informative, and entertaining.
  2. I really do have plenty of podcast time (more on that in a moment).
  3. Podcasts actually work for me!
Image courtesy of Crack the Customer Code.

Image courtesy of Crack the Customer Code.

Crack the Customer Code’s brisk, informative format makes for easy listening. Each episode features topical discussions between Toporek and Walters, a guest interview, and a segment on customer heroes and zeroes.

Listening to the podcast in the car made it easier to pay attention. It was a nice substitute for the music or talk radio that I’d normally listen to. The engaging content made my trip seem a lot faster.

It also got me thinking about all of the “podcast time” I really do have. I travel a lot. Planes, trains, and automobiles all have a lot of built-in podcast time. 

Soon, I was checking out other podcasts. I started listening to a podcast from my local online newspaper, Voice of San Diego. I even discovered Serial and got hooked. 

Check out the Crack the Customer Code podcast if you have some “podcast time” on your hands. I haven’t missed an episode yet.

You can also listen to my episode here or find it on iTunes or Stitcher.