New Video: How to Design and Deliver Training Programs

The most common question I hear from new trainers is "Where do I get started?"

Breaking into the field of corporate training, adult learning, or workplace performance can be daunting. There's so much information out there it can leave your head spinning.

Managers and supervisors who occasionally train their employees face an even tougher task. They naturally want to be solid, competent trainers but don't have the bandwidth to spend years becoming an expert.

My latest LinkedIn Learning training video aims to solve that problem.

Part of the course was filmed in front of a live class. Photo credit: Samantha Coveleski-Mazur

Part of the course was filmed in front of a live class. Photo credit: Samantha Coveleski-Mazur


There are a few elements to this course I really like.

It provides all the information you need to design and deliver effective training classes. The entire course clocks in at 1 hour, 29 minutes, but the best part is you can easily skim and scan to watch the segments that are most relevant to you.

Part of the video was filmed in front of a live workshop. This class was a mix of seasoned training professionals and people completely new to workplace learning. The live class gives you a chance to see how other people reacted to the exercises and activities.

There are even a few bonus topics thrown in:

  • Creating an individual development plan
  • Managing breaks effectively
  • Delivering training via webinar



This short preview video provides an overview of the course.


LinkedIn Premium subscribers can access the course on LinkedIn Learning. You can find the course on if you have a subscription on that platform.

Don't have access to either? You can get a 30 day trial to the entire Lynda library here.

Harold Stolovitch and Erica Keeps generously allowed me to reference their five step training model in the course. I first discovered this in their class handbook, Telling Ain't Training. I highly recommend this guide for any new or aspiring trainer.

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