New Training Video: Serving Internal Customers

Finally, there's a training course geared specifically towards internal customer service.

Nearly 50 percent of my client requests throughout my career have been for internal customer service. This is a special type of customer service that involves serving internal stakeholders.

The new training video from LinkedIn Learning is called Serving Internal Customers. Here's an overview, a preview, and information on how you can access it for free.

On the set of  Serving Internal Customers.  Photo credit: Jeff Toister

On the set of Serving Internal Customers. Photo credit: Jeff Toister


An internal customer is an internal stakeholder you serve. This includes coworkers, contractors, and even vendors. Here are just a few jobs that are heavily-focused on internal customer service:

  • Human Resources

  • Finance and Accounting

  • IT

  • Facilities and Maintenance

  • Security

Many large organizations with multiple locations even have internal contact centers established to support the needs of employees and managers in the field.

Serving Internal Customers focuses on the special skills required to be successful in these roles. Topics include:

  • Distinguishing between internal and external customer service

  • Creating positive workplace relationships

  • Working with difficult coworkers

  • Practicing active listening to uncover your customers' needs

  • Managing internal customer expectations

  • Anticipating problems

  • Defusing angry colleagues

  • Adjusting your workplace attitude



The training video has a few special features to increase learning impact:

  • Realistic scenes

  • Short segments

  • Hands-on activities

You can see all of these special features in this short segment on active listening techniques.


You can view the entire course on LinkedIn Premium subscribers can watch the video on that platform.

A 30-day trial if you aren't already a Lynda member. This will give you access to the entire learning library. You'll be able to view all 17 of my courses plus training videos from other customer service experts such as Brad Cleveland and Leslie O'Flahavan.

The library also contains many other topics in addition to customer service. You can learn about leadership, marketing, programming, and many more. All of the courses are taught by experts in the field and professionally filmed and produced.