DHL's personal failures take a personal toll

The CBS news program, 60 Minutes, has done a few profiles on the people losing their jobs as a result of DHL pulling out of the U.S. market. In early posts, I've criticized DHL for not delivering on their brand promise and for not understanding the underlying causes of their poor performance. CBS has taken it a step further by looking at the people on the frontlines.

The 60 Minutes piece is very interesting because it illustrates how these failings impact personal lives.  The comments are also interesting because their are fingers pointing many directions. Here's the CBS program:

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60 Minutes has also done a follow-up story on their website with several videos that provide updates on the individuals covered in their original news program. Read the story and watch the videos here.

My observation is it is natural to want to find blame, especially if the target is a faceless "corporation" or a highly paid executive. The challenge here is an entire community bet its economic well-being on one company.  Everyone involved, including those employees laid off, had something to do with the company's performance. Their pain is real and it is too bad they are in this situation, but I hope there is a larger lesson to be learned about the responsibilities of a company, it's employees, and the surrounding community when one corporation is the economic engine for an entire region.