United Breaks Guitars song #3 released

In one of the ultimate cases of consumer revenge, Dave Carroll has just released his third in a series of three videos called United Breaks Guitars. The videos have collectively been viewed over 9 million times and United has looked very bad in the process. Best of all, Carroll comes across as a fair and kind person who only wants what is right.

The backstory

On March 31, 2008, musician Dave Carroll was traveling on United Airlines from Halifax to Omaha when baggage handlers were observed throwing his guitar on the tarmac. His guitar was damaged in this incident, but United Airlines gave Carroll the run-around for months. In response, Carroll vowed to write and record three songs about his experience and post videos of the songs on You Tube. What followed is a great lesson about the sometimes hidden cost of goodwill and why it may be a good idea to go against a strict corporate policy when that's the right thing to do.

You can read Carroll's complete story on his blog here.

Video 3

More info

Carroll provides a lot of information on his website. You can also view all three videos plus his video statement on his YouTube channel: sonsofmaxwell