Use positive body language and tone

Have you ever heard a customer service rep say, "I'm sorry", but you felt she wasn't sorry at all? This could be because her body language and tone didn't convey the same message as her words. You can use body language and tone to convey a more positive message when serving a customer in person or over the phone.

Body Language

Positive body language makes you appear more friendly and puts your customer at ease. Here are a few body language tips.

  • Smile. Some of us don't smile naturally, so work on developing this habit.
  • Avoid crossing your arms, stuffing your hands in your pockets, or other body positions that make you appear closed off and unapproachable.
  • Stand up (or sit up) straight. This makes you look more friendly and also gives your voice a more pleasant, confident tone.


Speaking to your customers in a warm, pleasant tone will make it easier for them to relate to you. Your tone will adjust itself naturally if you follow the body language tips listed above.