Make directions easy

Many of us have to give driving directions to a customer or show customers how to walk to a particular place within our store, restaurant, or hotel. Here are two great ways to do that.

Driving Directions

Verbal directions can get confusing after three steps, so offer your customers a map or set of written directions instead. This is very helpful even if you have to draw a map or write down the turns on a piece of paper. Make sure you provide some visual cues to help your customers know they are on track, such as "You'll see a gas station on the right. That's Ash street - turn right there."

Walking Directions

Whenever possible, walk your customer to their destination yourself so they won't get lost and you can offer extra assistance. If you can't do this, give them clear, concise directions and visual cues just like you would if they were driving. Write it down if it takes more than three steps or your customer will get confused!