Master the art of handwritten notes

Handwritten notes can make a huge impression. Customers appreciate them as a thank you for their business because it's personal and the sender obviously put a little bit of thought into it. Most of us default to the convenience of an email or a form letter, but there are a few simple steps you can take to make note writing almost as easy.

  1. Keep a box of note cards handy. This way you can write the note as soon as something good happens.
  2. Be brief, but descriptive. A good note is only a few sentences long. Just make sure you use those sentences to describe why you appreciate your customer.
  3. Deliver the letter the sooner the better. Speed is good.

I send out at least one handwritten note per week. I've often seen them on a client's desk weeks after I sent it. I bet my competitor's email was simply read and filed!