New Training Needs Analysis Course Launched on

A needs analysis is the first step when developing a new training program.

It can help you identify what training participants really need and connect that training to business objectives. In many cases, a good needs analysis allows you to create training that's faster, cheaper, and more effective.

My new course on will take you step-by-step through the needs analysis process. It’s intended for instructional designers, but anyone who creates training programs can benefit. 

Topics include:

  • Setting project objectives
  • Identifying the target audience for training
  • Selecting data sources
  • Facilitating focus groups and interviews
  • Designing effective surveys
  • Identifying participant needs
  • Defining learning outcomes
  • Presenting results to project sponsors

The course is part of’s online library of video-based training programs. Using video allowed me to create some interesting visual examples.

In the sample video below, you’ll see me meeting with a Vice President who requested an interviewing skills training program. Initial meetings like this can help trainers discover a lot of really useful information. (Click here if you don’t see the video.)

You’ll need a subscription to view the entire course. The good news is your subscription gives you unlimited access to all of their courses. 

Even better news? You can use this link to get a free 10-day trial.